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Millennium Heights Barbados

A place you can call home

Our Staff - Maintenance and General Workers

Keith Arrindell - Supervisor

Keith joined the Association in August 2013 as one of the general workers. In October 2015 he was promoted to the newly created position of Maintenance Man upon being successful with his application for the advertised position. In December 2018 Mr. Arrindell received another promotion. He is currently Millennium Heights' Junior Supervisor. His role entails ensuring that Millennium Heights is aesthetically pleasing and structurally safe via his assistance with and supervision of the general workers. Keith's skills include carpentry, steel-bending, masonry, maintenance and landscaping. His hobbies include watching cricket and wrestling, swimming, playing dominoes, traveling and socializing.

Jababrie Benn - General Worker

Benn as he is known by his work colleagues joined the Association in September 2010. Benn is currently assigned to Blocks E & F. He is presently completing studies to be an Architect. His hobbies are playing basketball and road tennis.

Peter Kirton - General Worker

Peter, one of the longest standing employees, joined the Association's staff in April 2004. He is is currently assigned to Block J and the area around the Lake. His skills include painting, masonry and landscaping. His hobby is watching movies.

Hazel Layne - General Worker

Schallon Lorde - General Worker

(Schallon pronounced Sha-lon) joined the Association's staff in September 2012. Schallon is currently assigned to Blocks C and G. He is skilled in masonry and enjoys playing road tennis, football and going to the beach.

Kelly Maynard - General worker

Christopher Mitchell - General Worker

Mitchell as he is known by his work colleagues joined the Association's staff in February 2010. He is currently assigned to Block H and the bougainvillea by the jogging track. Mitchell's skills include carpentry, painting and landscaping. His hobby is watching football.

Kenneth Springer - General Worker

Kenneth is the most junior General worker. Hired in July 2018, Kenneth brings with him a wealth of knowledge in the area of landscaping. He is currently assigned to Millennium Ridge and Block B.

Quinda Wall - General Worker

Quinda is our longest standing employee. She joined the Association from inception in April 2001 and is currently assigned to maintaining the clubhouse and the structures on the walkways and stairways of blocks H & J and their pool buildings. Quinda's skills include housekeeping. Her hobbies are athletics, watching sports and reading.