Our Management Team

Lee Gooding - Chief Property Manager

Lee is the Chief Property Manager of Millennium Heights. He has been with the Association from its inception in 2001. Mr. Gooding is very knowledgeable on matters pertaining to property management and real estate.  He has many years of experience in these fields. Millennium Heights is one of the properties capably managed by him.

Michelle Straughan - Dep. Chief Property Manager 

Michelle assists Lee with the management of a number of properties including that of Millennium Heights.  Having worked in the Property Management industry for over 10 years, Miss Straughan's knowledge of the management of properties is quite extensive. 

Dominic Wilson - On-site Property Manager

Dominic oversees the day-to-day operations of Millennium Heights.  He works closely with the supervisor who supervises the general workers and, he assists with the coordination of workmen and service men contracted to carry out works on, or are, visiting the property.   Dominic is the first point of contact for any queries or concerns the residents of the community may have.