Security at Millennium Heights

Visitors to Millennium Heights

Providing a safe and secured environment for the Millennium Heights community is of high priority for the Association. S.A.F.E (Securing All Future Events) Inc., one of the leading providers of manned personal and static security in Barbados, is the security company selected to provide around the clock protection for the community.

Services the security officers offer include:
  • To provide security and ensure safety for individuals and the property
  • To observe, monitor and report the flow of visitors and others on the property
    NOTE: When persons approach the gate and indicate that they are visiting residents but need assistance to enter the property, the guard will advise them that the said residents should be contacted via the intercom system and will further ask if the persons would like assistance in placing the calls. If the persons agree, the guard will place the calls and invite the persons to speak to the residents once they are reached. If the residents are not reached or the intercom system is not working, the guard will advise the persons to wait while he/she places a call via telephone from the Security Hut to the residents. Once permission is granted, the persons can be allowed entry to the property.
    Persons wishing entry but who do not wish any assistance from the security and who do not wish to use intercom are advised to call the resident they are visiting. Failing that, it would be a breach of security to allow them onto the property.
  • To provide appropriate control of access to the premises
  • To observe and report any unlawful or inappropriate activity
  • To enforce all rules and laws set out by the Association
  • To render service to management and employees
  • To assist staff and guest where necessary
  • To plan against potential harm

Residents of Millennium Heights

Security services are provided for your safety; therefore, on entering the property, allow the guard the opportunity to identify you that you are a resident. Drive slowly; if you have dark tinted windows, stop and/or roll the window down for easy visibility by the guard.

If you are expecting a visitor, inform the guard in advance to speed up the process of entry. The visitor’s name and car number are useful information.

If you will be travelling or have family coming to stay with you for an extended period of time, please inform the Association’s Office so that we can update our security guards. Again, your security is important to us.

"For security purposes, please limit the number of persons to whom you give your gate access codes to. "

By Order, Management, MHAI